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Hook and Loop Rubik's Cube


3x3x3 Magic Speed Cubes. Detailed Instruction with pictures Included, Good for all ages, beginner to professional.

Perfect for stress reliever, brainteasers, Speed Cube champion, Rubik’s cube Themed party, World Cube Association, School Classroom Rewards, Treasure box and travel/camping toys.

Use the Magic cube like a pro: optimized anti-pop technology. Super-fast; easy turning; vivid colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and White), superior corner cutting at 43 degrees and high stability.

Engineered cube, Meet US TOY STANDARD. SAFETY TEST APPROVED. Made of high quality ABS & Nylon material. NON-toxic. 2.17 inches (5.5 cm) on each side for the 3 by 3 cube

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